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   By: AD Kusumaningtyas

The couplet of lyrics were sung by the head men and religious preachers wo gathered in a forum on the strengthening the sakinah family.  The couplet was led by Ustadz NurAchmad MA, one of the Leaders of  Rahima Associatiom for the period 2019-2024.  Recenttly, he is also appointed as one of the Directors Team of Muhammadiyah Boarding School (MBS) Ki Bagus Hadikusumo, Jampang, Kemang, Kabupaten Bogor.

Cak Mad or Mas Nus, is the nick name of man who was born in Banyuurip Lamongan 4 Mei 1974.  He grew in the strong religous Islamic education contexts. He obtained his education in SDN Gunung Rejo 2 Kedungpring Lamongan,  then continued his  secondary and high education in SMP  and  SMA Muhammadiyah while he was learning in the Islamic college of Pesantren Karangasem Paciran, Lamongan,  East Java (1986-1992).  Then he was choosen to dedicate himself as a teacher in the pesantren that grew him up.  In his period of service, the man then migrated to Jakarta, to continue his process of  thalabul ‘ilmi (seeking the knowledge) in the undergraduate or Bachelor program of Ushuluddin Faculty of IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah (now UIN Syarif Hidayatullah), Jakarta and finished his study in 1999.  Feeling that the process was not enough, then he continued his study at the same college in the Tafsir Hadith study program in Ilmu Hadith concentration until he obtained his Magister of Religion degree in 2007.

His concern to advocate the victims of Violence Against Women (VAW) was strengthenedn since he joined Puan Amal Hayati, a pesantren based Women Cricis Center (WCC) that had ben initiated by  Hj. Shinta Nuriyah Abdurrahman Wadhid (2000-2001). His activism spirits in defending for women’s rights within Islamic perspective were honed when he joined as a staf in Rahima Foundation in 2005-2009. He was appointed as Program Manager and also responsible as the Managing Editor for some editions of Swara Rahima magazines.

His hobby and skills in the writing fileds, made him often been appointed as editors for some books. Just to mentioned some title of the books among them were Pesan Damai Idul Fitri (Kompas, 2003),  Politik Panjat  Pinang;  Dimana Peran Agama? karya Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat (Kompas, 2006), Menuju Ketenangan Batin by KH. M. Kholil Bisri (Kompas, 2006), Umat Bertanya Ulama Menjawab: Seputar Karir, Pernikahan dan Keluarga (Rahima, 2008),  Fikih Anti Korupsi Perspektif Ulama Muhammadiyah (PSAP, 2006),  and etc.

Building the Sakinah Family and  Dedicating for  Community Education

The husband of Fauziah, his younger class-mates when he was active in IMM Ciputat whom he married  since 11 May 2012 is a romantic figure.  Cak Mad often congratulates his wife’s birthday  which then become their Wedding Anniversary. “Alhamdulillah, Allah  sent the mate during we were in IMM. There were several reasons to marry her, but in a simple word it because of ibadah (worship), and also for me to learn for being responsible, to protect, and to keep the trust. Insyaallah, it will become good deeds”, said  Cak Mad when he was asked about his reason to marry this Betawi girl.

Cak Mad is not only talking when he tried to mean the “sakinah family”. According to him, it will run smoothly if it was based on the spirit of giving and sharing for each other, to protect and to take care of one another. To realize this hope, Cak Mad always tried to prove his saying through real actions. When their sons dan daughters were still children,  he and his wife carried out their baby and nurture them together and shifted the duty each other.

I  accordance with Fauziah’s witness,  she said Cak Mad is a figure of responsible husband, humble,  and very patient with their children’s active behaviour. ”Abi never feels ashamed to do the domestic work, although we have domestic helper in our home. Even though, if he got up earlier, he never  hesitated to boil some water and make some drinks for us”.

This couple are gifted with four children. Farhan  Ali Ibrahim (17 years old,  class XII),  Aufa Muharriry Alkafy (14 years old, class X), Queensalisa Nur Zhafira (10 years old, class V)  and Aisyah Qirana Nur Marghfira (7 years old, class II).  The help each other and create the “heaven” from their home. Through this concrete example, his effort to deliver the Islamic teaching on the equal relation between husband and wife in the family can be accepted by the society.  Even thoigh through women’s religious gathering (pengajian Ibu-ibu) in Serua, Ciputat area, Cak Mad often affirms the important of equal and justice relation in the family. The such equal relation can prevent from the Domestic Violence.

God wishes, the couple finally totally dedicate themselves in the Islamic education world.  Cak Mad was appointed to become team leaders of  Muhammadiyah Boarding School (MBS) Ki Tubagus Hadikusumo, in Jampang Kemang Bogor, Since last year, the family moved and cooperated together in motivating the santri (pesantren students); especially for the santri who are still confused because they haven’t feel at home in their boarding school, and also to receive and to handle complaints from the santri’s parents,  manage the logistic of  the boarding school’s kitchen up to handle the laundry services of the santri. Hopefully, the santri will become enlightened person and taking the lesson learned from his example in building the equal relationship.

*The Author is the  Head of  KPI Program Study of  STAI DR KHEZ  Mutaqqien Purwakarta

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