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Nuruddin Amin: Dedicated  Politician Who Supports His Wife

By: Pera Sopariyanti

Nuruddin Amin, who is often called by his nick name Gus Nuung was born in Jepara,  7 Agustus 1967.  Now,  he is appointed as the Vice-Chair of  DPRD Kabupaten Jepara year 2019-2024.  The graduate from Adab Faculty of  the History and Islamic Culture of IAIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta had a very long journey as an activists which had begun from around the last of 1990-th. Nuruddin was active in participating the discussions and studies related to gender issues.

Nuruddin also involved in the discussions with women’s rights activists from several institutions and organizations. For example Yayasan Kesejahteran Fatayat, Rifka Annisa, and etc. Furthermore, he learned alot and participate in intensive discussions with some gender experts in Yogyakarta such as  Masruchah,Farha Ciciek, Mansour Fakih, Alissa Wahid, and etc. Beside with the women’s rights organizations, he also involved with the interfaith organization. He also provided assistance for the street children, which included women and children. He became more intensive in working with gender issues when he became a Journalist at Harian BERNASYogya 1989-199 and when he was appointed as the Director of  LKIS Publishing Company Yogya 1996-1999.

In addition to his experience and long journey working with gender issues, Nuruddin also has so many organizational experiences. For example as the Chair of Students Senat of Adab Faculty of IAIN Sunan Kalijaga 1988-1999,  the general chair of GP Ansor of Yogyakarta 2000-2005, the chair of PCNU Jepara 2005-2015( in the two periods). He also one of the founders of  Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) or  independent Journalist Alliance of Indonesia  1999 and also the member of AJI Presidium, and also the Chair of  Yayasan Pendidikan Islam Aswaja or  Aswaja Islamic Education Foundation of Bangsri Jepara since 2003-now. Those experiences strengthened his sensitivity in seeing the plurality and complexity issues of the social problems. Now  he is appointed as the Vice-Chair person of DPRD.  Because of his experience in involving with social problems, he is motivated to continue speaking out the public interests in realizing the justice and prosperity. Including women’s and children’s interests.

Building Equal Relationship in the Family 

Nuruddin’s  parents are the role models in his life, including in building the family relationship. His father KH. Mohammad Amin Sholeh was very respective to his mom Nyai Hajjah Aizzah Haroen (the founder and leaders of Pondok Pesantren Hasyim Asy’ari, Jepara), although they did know gender issues yet.  His father sincerely implemented the wisdom from the ulama in treating women well in a very respective manner. As the saying of Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Thalib ra.” “Ma  akramahunna illa karim, wama  ahanahunna illa laim” (It is not a honorable man except the man who honor woman, and it is not a despicable man  except because he is despicable to woman). This is a kind of justification how to treat woman with honor.

In the book of Uqud al-Lujjayn that was written by Imam Nawawi, it was said that  taking care of the children, shopping,  cooking, and washing the clothes is the responsibility of a husband. “ I saw my father did that practice in our family. He nurtured the children and did not see that the role is my mother’s role. My father often feeds the food to us, plays with as, and carrys us,  his children, “ said Nuruddin.

When Nuruddin become a  father, he never feels awkard to takecare of, to feed the fof, to bathe their children and to do other domestic works. The situation was confirmed by his wife, Hindun Anisah. “Mas Nung is more persevering and  patient in taking care of our children. Indeed I learn from him, for example in feeding the food to our children, to bath our childrem even since they were babies. Mas Nung also never feels awkard when he goes for a meeting. And  amaze, he did not feel being disturbed ”, said Hindun.

As a husband,  Nuruddin gives the ooportunity and freedom to his wife to actualize herself in the public space. Hindun feels being lucky and grateful because she has a husband who really understand herself and their children. Nuruddin also often supports his wife to take several chances and opportunities in education or career. “One of example, is when I took a scholarship for my Master  in Holland. At that time, actually I was little bit lazy to send the documents. But  Mas Nung supported me to  send it soon and he helped me to do it, “ said the woman who was born on 2 Mei 1974.

Nuruddin did not hesitate to help his wife to solve the problems. Hindun also never experienced diificultiesto travel, even though her husband often offers some information if there is a suitable activity for Hindun.” According to me, he is an amazing husband. I never whine to ask permissions from my husband” ,   said Hindun.

Nuruddin and Hindun are lessed with three sons and two daugthers. In educating their children, they never discriminates between boys and girls, all of them are treated equally. “Mas Nung always motivates our children to share the roles. All of them are facilitated based on their own competencies”, said the woman who graduated her Master from the University of Amsterdam. Nuruddin also gives examples to their children that the responsibility of educating and taking care of the children is the responsibility of the both parents, mother and father. “So, my children are accustumed that  when I permitted to go, they will ask –but Daddy will be at home, right-? Our children understand that their mother should not always be at home”,  Hindun finished the conversation.

How to Mean “Happy Family” 

For Nuruddin, it will be impossible to  realize a life which sakinah, mawaddah, wa rahmah, that  creates dzuriyyah thayyibah (good descendants) if there is no balance in every aspects. “In building a family, I  have to create happiness for us together.No one should feel being forced, so it must be responded  equally and justly. I implement this not only to my wife, but also to our children, “ he affirmed.

“I don’t feel that this is a hard challenge when we just run the family tradition. For me all of the challenges should be respond as  a usual thing. And I am often praised because of I want to take care of my children. So I am in the supportinve environment, both in my family as well as in Mbak Hindun’s family. I am as a father, or Mbak Hindun is as a mother, have the same responsibility to educate our children”, said Nuruddin.

The open attitute and the respect towomen is not applied just in their family. Nuruddin also applied this gender equality and justice principle in the workin area and communities. For him, a challege is something that me must face. For example, when meeting the person who disagree with gender justice values. “I am just easy going, So,if I give some insights and there are some people don’t accept, I think it is normal. Because to influence other pople needs some processes, and the important thing we must respect each other,”  Nuruddin ended the conversation. {}

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