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“… In 2014, when PKRS became the mandatory school subject for students of natural and social science at Pesantren Al Ghozaliyah, I was already in my XIIth grade… (his sentence was stopped. Suddenly from a distance someone came and begged in Javanese, “Son, would you mind donating some of your money for me to buy rice…”. It was a total silence. Later, “Thank you, Son.”). Curious, I asked him, “Who was that?”  “A woman beggar,” he answered.

The boy in a conversation with me is Yahya Arifin, born in Jombang 17 July 1996. The seventh child of eight siblings, son of Mat Pono (a construction worker) and Suprapti (a housewife). He boarded at Pesantren Al Ghozaliyah since junior high school, located not far away from his home in the village of Sumber Mulyo, Kebon Melati, Jogoroto, Jombang. His academic achievement during elementary school years were not very impressive, “I didn’t focus on my school because I still loved to play,” he explained. But since he entered junior-high school, he started to excel. He was always on top 1 or 2 until graduation from high school. “Well, I had ever achieved the top 5 only, but that time I felt lack of ambition and challenges,” he giggled. 

He was nicknamed a bat student at the pesantren managed by KH Nasrullah, due to his activities at school organizations. “I became the coordinator of the country’s defense group.” That is the reason for being selected to represent his school on Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (abbreviated PKRS in Indonesian language) program for students coming from pesantren organized by Rahima. 


“The first time I heard about reproductive health was… when I attended the event of students’ module drafting organized by Rahima (2012) at Pesantren Al Hikmah, Purwoasri, Kediri. I felt awkward, why should I discuss these taboo things. The facilitator and narrator were great in conveying messages, we all from 7 schools didn’t feel shy to ask. The discussion was driven under perspective of Islam, so it is acceptable for us,” explained Yahya who later became active participant of the discussion forum until 2014.

In the discussion forum, students learned and shared their experience, knowledge also skills about gender, reproductive health, Islamic study, organization, advocacy and usage of technology as media of socialization about reproductive health. “I’m happy to meet students from other boarding schools coming from different cities (Jombang, Kediri, Lamongan). We were able to share information about everything, our social media account, most of us have facebook. That time the school provided free Wi-Fi during study hours. The main objective is to facilitate us during class sessions,” uttered the boy who spends his afternoon helping his father to cut lawn, “It’s for our livestock.”

Back to school, Yahya and his five schoolmates (Syakoh, Arif, Ishom, Ani and Alif) arrange few strategies to socialize and advocate the reproductive health program. The first thing is socializing through school’s wall magazine. Second is arranging several meetings in a small forum. Third is visiting every class to raise awareness about the program. The fourth is by giving personal advocacy, and the last one is by organizing a school orientation forum in the beginning of the school year. “The topics we deliver are Dating Violence, reproductive health, healthy dating, the danger of drug abuse, bullying,” declared one of the members of the national infographic competition team organized by SEPERLIMA in Jakarta, October 2014. That time, his team delivered the topic about Unwanted Pregnancy which brought them the runner up position.

The movement carried out by Yahya and his friends, who were supported by their teachers received positive feedback from the school policy management, who later approved the idea of setting Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (abbreviated as PKRS in bahasa Indonesia) program as a mandatory school subject for students of natural and social science of Xth grade since 2014. The school management decided to collaborate with Jombang Crisis Center (JCC) to provide the school with a tutor, it was agreed it would be Mr. Lukman Hadi who is already familiar with teenagers and PKRS issue. “Our juniors say, they are excited when it’s time to study that subject because the content is great, the teacher is cool, the way he teaches is different from most teachers do, students are treated as discussion partners. That’s what makes this interesting.”

PKRS taught at the Xth grade consists of 10 chapters, among other things are about gender equality, the importance of sex and sexuality, puberty and reproductive organs, reproduction. Sexual risks, narcotics, dangerous drugs, world of teenagers and their issues are also discussed. “After finishing one lecture, there is always one student who becomes curious tries to look for the information on the internet which is surely not accountable. I said to them, ‘Do not try to satisfy your curiosity because our path to the future is still a long way to go.’”

Even though there is already this mandatory subject at school, Yahya is still taking role as their companion, especially when it comes to reproductive health issue. “One of many cases encountered by girl students who are not boarded is being harassed during their journey back home by teenagers outside pesantren. They are often whistled, in this case is another way of sexual harassment. So I said to my juniors to be more aware when going home, it would be better to stay in group and not to go home too late,” said the first winner of wits game competition among high school students of Jombang district in 2014 of with the topic about narcotics and abusive drugs.


In 2015, Yahya graduated from Pesantren Al Ghazaliyah. He decided to follow the path of his sister to enroll at a university in Malang. “She is my only sibling who continues her study at a university.” Thanks God, Yahya’s pray was granted. He is admitted as a new student at Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Fishery Agrobusiness at University of Brawijaya. “I joined Bidik Misi, a scholarship program for top achiever students but economically less fortunate,” said the fish lover.

In the City of Apple, the title given to Malang, Yahya rent a room in a student residence. What about the distance? “10 minutes by bike, it is much faster going to campus than home, because downhill road to campus. But when I come back to the residence I gasp a lot because the road is uphill,” he laughed. Yahya must be very careful in saving his money because the scholarship he receives only help him to survive. “But that’s not a big deal because I used to live a simple life since my school years at pesantren,” he added. However, his dream is big. “After this, I will register myself to the Student Executive Board, and start to socialize the reproductive health program there.” Go Go Go Yahya!!! [] AD.Eridani. 

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