By: Ratnasari*

As an institution that aspires to create a just and tolerant society, in 2021 Rahima implemented a program to prevent violent extremism in schools. One of the things carried out in this program is to make Standard Operating Procedures (Prosedur Operasional Standar/POS) in four piloting senior high school and vocational high schools in Cirebon and Sukoharjo districts. The four schools are SMAN 1 Kartasura Sukoharjo, SMK Saraswati Grogol Sukoharjo, SMKN 1 Gunung Jati Cirebon, and SMAN 1 Jamblang Cirebon. The prepared POS deals with the prevention and handling of violence and intolerance.

From the monitoring carried out by Rahima on 7-8 December 2021 in Sukoharjo and 9-10 December 2021 in Cirebon, the school stated that POS was very useful and optimistic that it could be implemented. As stated by Mr. Oka from SMKN 1 Gunung Jati, “We thank you for the guidance and direction from Rahima, so that we can make POS at school. Hopefully we can apply POS as a basic reference for implementing anti-violence and intolerance activities. Our job as teachers is to carry out what has been mandated in the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud), namely educating students.” 

The four piloting schools also put banners on strategic walls or corners of the school as a medium of information about violence and intolerance as well as its forms and how to submit complaints when there are cases of violence or intolerance in schools. One school, namely SMK Saraswati Grogol, even collaborated with Sahabat Kapas, a non-profit organization in Solo, to provide psychological assistance for children who have experienced acts of violence.

In relation to the implementation of POS, the four piloting schools conveyed several things, namely (1) there is a need for collective awareness through education about tolerance and prevention of violence for all school members, so that all parties can work together in efforts to prevent intolerance and violence; (2) it is necessary to guarantee the comfort and confidentiality of victims so that victims feel safe when they want to report, including the need for adequate facilities and infrastructure to support them; (3) a Decree (SK) for implementing POS is needed so that there is clarity on who is responsible for implementing POS in schools.

The strategies in following up with POS are (1) conducting outreach to students and parents about tolerance and anti-violence; (2) integrating POS in the Learning Implementation Plan; (3) integrate POS in student activities.


*The author is a researcher at the Gender Research Center, School of Strategic and Global Studies, Universitas Indonesia

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