Print Publications

Rahima also publishes books related to the themes of Islam, gender equality and justice, women’s rights and Women’s ulema as well as training modules/ educational series. In addition, Rahima also publishes the periodical Swara Rahima magazine which discusses themes related to Islam, gender and women’s rights. Until now, more than 52 magazine and supplements have been published that discuss various issues such as Marriage and Family, Reproductive Health and Rights, contemporary themes that have a strong relationship with gender and Islam such as Fundamentalism, Women’s Ulema, Environmental Management, and others. These publications are presented in print; and some are available as e-files. The main purpose of this publishing activity is to strengthen ulama and community leaders in building arguments and strengthening awareness of the importance of justice and gender equality which are extracted from an Islamic perspective and sourced from the Koran and Hadith as well as popular references in classical literature and contemporary Islam.

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