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by: Lukman Hadi

Astagfirullahal-‘azhim.” That was first sentence coming out from students of Madrasah Aliyah Al Ghozaliyah Jombang the first time followed the subject of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (PKRS). They could not hide their feelings of surprise when knowing PKRS subjects designated as a new local subject at their madrasah, is the subject that discusses reproductive health and sexuality. Initially, the students asked frequently and they were so curious what PKRS was about. But, when I wrote what PKRS stands for, concurrently they all just silent and looking at one another.

“Sexuality“, the word they did not dare to mention when the first time joining PKRS. According to the students that word has  negative meaning, and inappropriate to be pronounced, especially spoken together in the classroom. “Mboten pantes Pak ngomongaken niku” (Javanese Language which means it is not appropriate to talk about that thing), the reason they gave. According to them, the word “sexuality” connotes to porn so it is inapropriate to be spoken among the santri. No wonder, the first meeting that should have been an introduction for a new local subject become very awkward. The classroom which was initially very anthusiastic with a high curiosity become a class which full of doubt and fear.

Al-Ghazaliyah Islamic Boarding school is located in Sumber Mulyo village, contiguous with Bapang village, rural area which has become center industry. The pattern of social interaction in the industrial center tend to be “free“, and not all of the students who study at Al Ghazaliyah stay in pesantren, participate in influencing negative impacts with acts which can be negatively interpreted by teenagers’ level of knowledge understanding. The background of the students’ condition who come from different parenting situation and economical background, also resulted the different patterns of behavior. Once, there was an incident of pregnant student. The student was not the student who staying in the pesantren, but she was a student from an educational institution around pesantren Al Ghazaliyah. This situation invited concern of Kyai Nasrullah, MPd.I, a leader and educator of Al Ghazaliyah. Kyai Nas does not want it happened anymore by ignoring the fact.“Do not be like the past. All silent as if nothing happened. In fact, there is a pregnant student, “ Kyai Nas reflected.

The meeting of Assembly Foundation of Al Ghazaliyah in the academic year 2014 – 2015 stipulated a new thing: the importance of giving PKRS to the students of Madrasah Aliyah grade X in the Department of Science and Social, as a form of fulfillment and protection for the students from the negative impacts. The students who did not dare to mention the word “sexuality”, now are open to discuss various problems they experience regarding the development of their age related to reproductive health. In what case is masturbation dangerous? Is it haram? Now, they can discuss things they do not dare to ask their parents, because the parents frequently negatively assumed the behaviour and pattern of social interactions of their children.

Providing complete and right information become one of the ways out that must be taken. PP Al Ghazaliyah is against the “taboo“ mainstream which usually develops in the madrasah and pesantren. With the comprehensive subject of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education in education level of Madrasah Aliyah or senior high school students. The students are now beginning to be active in the group discussions which are formed to examine and resolve the problems and issues surrounding the development of their age. They began to find a comfortable place to inquire and find out the correct information about their sexuality and reproductive health. They also begin to intensively create networking to advocate their reproductive rights, so they can avoid the acts of violence or problems that can rise because of their wrong sexual behaviour. [] Lukman Hadi         


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